Adams Liquidators is a full service auction and appraisal company. Since 1947, the Adams family name has been synonymous with integrity, uncompromising service, and quality in the business arena. Their knowledge and vast "hands on experience" is unparalleled. When searching for a qualified company who has actually "been in the business", look no further than Adams Liquidators. Our past business experience includes:
  Adams Restaurant Equipment, 1993 - present
RTF Investments, Commercial Rental Real Estate, 1989 - present
Treats Creamery, Fast Food, 2000 - 2006
Only Pizza Company, 2 Outlet, 1993 - 2000
Cater to the Lady, Corporate Catering, 1989 - 2002
Adams TV and Appliances Inc., 1947 - 1995
Montville Movie Store, Video Store, 1984 - 1995
The Motoryacht "The Lady", Dinner Charters, 1993 - 1999
Adams Builders, 118 Homes Constructed, 1985 - 1993
Treats Bakeries Inc. / Colonial Maid Bakery, 4 Outlet, 1972 - 1989

Our diverse business background gives us a unique appreciation and understanding of the needs and desires of our clients.

Adams Auctions, a.k.a. Adams Liquidators was founded in 1994 to assist the food service industry and has expanded to include industrial, business, and personal appraisals, auctions and liquidations. As members of the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) we are committed to the "Auctioneers Code of Ethics" and invite you to call upon Robert (Bob), Paula or Thomas (Tom) Adams to discuss the various methods of turning your assets quickly into cash.